Why List With BuySmart Directory?

In the early days of the internet directory sites were all the rage. The name of the game was links, and the more of them you had pointed to your website the better. While this is still true to some point even now the search engines got wise and put the clamp down on frivolous link exchanging pretty fast. Nonetheless thousands and thousands of directory based websites continued on, and still continue on to this day with very little changed to what they offer.

A picture. A paragraph. And little else.
Not only is that not much in the way of search engine fodder it’s not even much for the few human visitors who stumble across your sad little page.

Thankfully there is a better way!

BE SMART – BUYSMART! We’ve taken the good things about the old directory sites ( the links, the centralized list of services ) and combined them with proven tactics and additional support that goes beyond just having a page with your link on it.

Take  a look at all you get with Buysmart Directory:

  • A profile page featuring your mission statement, contact info, logo, and links to your important sites.
  • A featured blog post on our front page when you join.
    Content driven placement in search engines.
  • Regular blog posts on your related industry.
  • Support from the BuySmart team through our social media posts.
    Additional social media support from us for your posts!

Why does it make sense for your business?
There are any number of reasons to take advantage of a business listing on our directory!
You may be a new company who is just starting out and has yet to establish their own working website.
You may be an established business who simply has never invested in their own site, or who has a website that just isn’t performing very well.
You could be an entry level artisan, crafter, or maker who doesn’t have a lot of money to advertise your services but knows you need to be doing something more to promote your business….WE CAN HELP!

Right now even our initial basic offering is going to out-perform most other directories in search engines; even maybe your own website. As we grow we will offer even more services for premium members who want more focused content, additional support, and banner advertisements on our well trafficked business to business and service industry website.

All for a low yearly cost of just $100! You can’t even buy your daily coffee for that much these days – why not at least invest that much towards your businesses success!?