Our Directory Can Beat Up Your Directory

Look, we know we’re not recreating the wheel here. There are any number of business directory sites online where you can pay your ten bucks a month to get a page and a paragraph about your business where you can be tucked away into hundreds of thousands of other businesses who all paid for the privilege to be forgotten about…

Or hey! You could join your local chamber or go-go networking group where you’ll be kept so busy chasing other members around who aren’t in your target market for one-on-one meetings that you won’t even notice the money slipping out of your pocket – but BOY! You sure will FEEL like you’re getting something out of those groups won’t you?

But will you see any real results?
Do they ever like any of your posts on Facebook?
When’s the last time the chamber shared one of your business posts on their page?
We do all that – for less!

business directory
See, we’ve been through the affiliate life coach action quantum success networking gauntlet of bullshit – and we know that generally the only thing they are good for is taking your money. That is part of why we started the BuySmart Directory. We said to ourselves “WOW! We could build an online business directory that does all the stuff they say they are going to do (but don’t) and we could even make it affordable for what you get!”…and so here we are. Making these other big suit wearing groups look bad because not only do we understand the importance of leveraging social media for greater overall online success: WE CARE.

Yes! We like those dollars. We love being able to live indoors and eat food and have running water, but we’re doing all this for more than a means to pay the bills.
We already have “real jobs” (kinda) so this is something we’re in part doing out of good will — and also to thumb our nose at aforementioned suit wearers.

So it’s more than a page and a paragraph – and it’s even more than us liking your posts more than your mom on Facebook.
One other way our directory is effective is in the realm of SEO. As you may know one of the key ranking factors for websites to appear in the top results on google is the number of incoming links pointed at it – links from sites like ours! In fact, search engines consider high quality links pointed to your site from external sources to be one of the larger key factors in appearing in top search results.

If you feel like you’re just treading water, or maybe sputtering completely, we can help you get more visibility online. A basic membership with BuySmart Directory is just the beginning! As our network grows we’re always adding new features for our users, and we’re glad to refer you to qualified web professionals if you really need extra help. Sign up now, tell your friends and make them sign up first if you have doubts – but don’t doubt that they’ll be getting results before you!