Our Mission

We’re here to help the hard working folks!

We know what it’s like to struggle to get started; we know how hard it can be to keep that momentum going when you’re busy running a business. You don’t have time to work and market!

So we’ve made it our mission to provide small businesses with a viable online presence to support their efforts towards great visibility for their services at an affordable cost.

Right now that cost is just $100 per year – that’s less than $10 per month! So sign up to join us!

You may be saying “I ALREADY HAVE A WEBSITE!”, well that’s great! But FACT of the matter is you can have a website all day long and if you don’t tell people about it through advertising they likely won’t ever find it! Back in the day nobody had a business website so it was easy to show up on page one when people searched for your services – that is not the case anymore!

These days you need more than JUST a website to find success online!

By creating a flow of incoming links to the website you already have you help it rank higher in search engines, and by having more people (LIKE US!) on social media talking about your business more people see it too!

We’re not your grandpa’s same old link directory!
We’re leveraging awesome content to bring even more visibility to your business!
Don’t have a website? We can help you get one!
Don’t have anyone doing your social media? We know people – let’s talk!

We’re just getting THE BASICS setup right now! Our directory will be growing in membership and in functionality so stay tuned for even more ways to get more eyes on your business from BuySmart Directory!