Home Tips! Winterize Your Home!

It seems like it was just last week that we were wondering if the sweltering heat would ever see an end; yet here we are already getting the coats out of the closet and scrambling to finish the Christmas shopping! While harsh storms are already hitting some parts of the country, if you haven’t gotten the hatches battened down now is a good time to get it taken care of!

Here are some good tips to help you keep your household in great shape for the change of seasons ahead!

Check for Drafts
Feel for drafty windows and doors. You can use a lighted candle near entry points to your home to detect where you might be experiencing air leaks. Keeping the heat in your home over the winter can save you big bucks.

Roof Check!
Here’s one place you do NOT want to have to deal with mid-winter! If you are able to do so safely, now is the time to at least give your roof the quick once over to check for loose shingles or leaks. It’s better to have to call a roofer before it’s an emergency.

Clean the Gutters
Keeping the gutters clear of debris can really help make things run a lot smoother, especially as we have the more wet Fall months ahead of us. A good once over should do the trick, but if your gutters are hard to reach or just too much to take on Poor Man Window Cleaning can help you take care of them – or you can give our Boise Gutter Cleaning Pro a call also!

Winter will be a terrible time for leaks or burst pipes! Get ahead of those items by inspecting your water systems. This includes blowing out sprinklers, storing hoses, and making sure outside faucets are weather ready. If you haven’t already done so be sure to disconnect any outside hoses before the snow flies!

Chimney sweeps aren’t something just out of Mary Poppins – and if you’ve ever experienced a clogged or dirty chimney you know they are no children’s faerie tale! A filthy chimney is not only inefficient but it can be a real hazard! Keep your house warm and safe!

No matter how long your list of honey-do’s and get-ready items may be the BuySmart Directory can help you get those things marked off your list! Get your home ready for the Winter now so you can enjoy the holidays worry free!

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